Our Ideology

	Go to the People
                   Live with them
            Learn from them
                   Love them
            Start with what they know
                   Build with what they have
            But with best leaders
                   When the work is done
            Task Accomplished
                   The people will say
            We have done these works


To ensure a deprivation free and just society, where even the person, standing last in the societal rungs, experiences holistic development.

How you can help us

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Our Mission

To work for the total empowerment of the weaker sections of the society through confidence building measures; mustering cooperation from various spheres; and increased availability and accessibility to resources and services.


  •  To empower the weaker sections of society through educational and skill development initiatives.
  •  To keep the communities abreast with the new developments in science and technology so as to bring about an improvement in their standards of living.
  •  To organize communities so that they can work together towards mobilization of resources for their own development
  •  To establish linkages of community-based organizations with financial and technical institutions.
  •  To mobilize masses and identify needbased issues for taking up advocacy campaigns thereby ensuring rights and entitlements of the weaker sections of the society.
  •  To promote creation and conservation of livelihood resources in a sustainable manner so as to prevent any forms of conflict over the sharing of these resources.
  •  To work for the strengthening of all development oriented services and ensure its accessibility for all sections of the society.

To make an educated healthy and prosperous Jharkhand.


  •   Community/People’s participation in need assessment survey at grassroots level;
  •  Sharing of Community / People’s knowledge / experiences in planning, implementing and monitoring of the programme/project activities;
  •  Building Community Based Organizations/ Institutions following democratic norms and principles;
  •  Execution, monitoring and follow up of the development programmes/ projects under the direct supervision of the CBOs.
  •  Capacitate the members of the CBOs to enable them to sustain the projects/ programmes after phasing out.

Vikas Bharti Bishunpur, as a facilitator or a catalytic agent, plays a crucial role in facilitating implementation of development and welfare projects/ programmes in its project areas. It (Vikas Bharti Bishunpur), like a watch dog, keeps keen eyes on each and every critical activities/concerns related to the lives of the vulnerable sections of population. The moment Vikas Bharti Bishunpur gets convinced that actions are required on its part, its Governing Board Members immediately sit together to decide the course of action. In no case Vikas Bharti Bishunpur works on behalf of the beneficiaries like contractors; but it keeps them (beneficiaries) at the forefront and from the back it extends its support. The Governing Board members and Project workers play a leading role in fulfilling the objectives of Vikas Bharti Bishunpur.


  • Educational promotion of Children
  • Health, Sanitation and Nutrition
  • Livelihood promotion
  • Protection & Welfare
  • Rural Development
  • Environment
  • Conservation of Tribal culture


  • Human Resources Development through formal and informal capacity building initiative
  • Community Mobilization Initiatives for Social Change.
  • Tribal Development Affairs (specially PVT Group)
  • Indigenous rural Technology Revitalization.
  • Formation and strengthening of Community Based Institutions
  • Natural Resource Management
  • I.E.C material development at local context
  • Training/ Advocacy networking at grass root